Take a deep iBreath

September 28, 2009

The iBreath lets users test their own blood alcohol content using an iPhone or an iPod Touch. Fully functional breathalyzer enables users to determine whether they’ve had one to many drinks before they get behind the wheel. The unit snaps into the base of the iPhone or iPod touch. Simply unfold and exhale into it for five seconds, and within a few seconds the iBreath digital readout lets you know whether you are too drunk to drive. Very simple, very clever, very heaps good!



One Response to “Take a deep iBreath”

  1. The cheap breathalyzers marketed on internet and in pharmacies and mass merchant are positively misleading for consumers. They are mass produced imports that use an inferior technology called “semiconductor technology.” This technology is inexpensive, inaccurate and inconsistent from test to test. Law Enforcement breathalyzers use “platinum fuel cell” technology which has been developed and refined over the past 25 years to be very precise and reliable. Serious consumers can purchase personal breathalyzers that employ the same technology as Law Enforcement. With breathalyzers you get what you pay for. See http://www.lifeguardbreathtester.com for more information on buying a trustworthy breathalyzer.

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